Alumni Update: Cooper

We adopted our Bassett, “Marvin,” from DHA in Wilmington on Friday, April 8th! Since he wasn’t responding a lot to the name “Marvin,” we assumed it was a shelter given name. Now “Marvin” is Cooper!!

Cooper has a sister named Daisy. Daisy is also a Bassett and we believe they are both four years old. Cooper and Daisy are becoming the best of buddies! They have started snuggling when they nap and are reallllly starting to play together lots!! We love the silly way he lays down and he can turn ANY treat into a game (ice)!!

It wasn’t long before Cooper went on his first Jeep ride! We belted both he and Daisy in and took off! Cooper LOVES riding in the Jeep!

Thank you so much for helping us to complete our happy family. My hubby, 12 year old daughter and I love Cooper! Once you adopt Bassett, you’ll never go back!

Much love,
Eddy, Sarah and Emily


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