Yamon’s Second Chance

I was found abandoned, so emaciated that my ribs were showing and so matted that they had to shave me from head to toe. In fact, the matting  made my ears so long that they thought I might be a Basset Hound at first! Luckily I ended up at DHA where they made me feel much better. At first, no one was sure whether I would make it, but after being here for a while I looked and felt like a whole new dog (you can see more photos of me here)! I don’t know why I was treated so badly before I came here, but I’m so thankful to everyone who helped me get the second chance for life and love that I deserve.


Update on Dexter (now known as Gabriella)

You might remember our appeal for support for a kitten named Dexter who came to us in dire condition in December 2009. About two months have passed and the kitten (now known as Gabriella because she turned out to be a girl and not a boy) is thriving in her foster home. Thanks to donations via DHA’s Helping Hands Club and other supporters, she was able to get the care she needed and DHA was able to pay the resulting medical bills. Now we thought you’d want to see how well she’s doing for yourself! We don’t know yet when she might become available for adoption, but the shelter staff and volunteers are starting to take bets on whether her foster home will become her forever home!