Alumni Update: Naomi & Madeline

Our house was home to six cats when we lost our 20 year old last year.  We decided to spend time at the adoption centers and open our hearts to another orphan.  After a number of visits, one day we walked into your adoption center at PetSmart in Brandywine where a gregarious little brown-red tabby and her adorable sister stole our hearts.  They were called Simona  & Madison, though after a lot of thought we changed their names to Naomi & Madeline.  Maddy, the shy sister with mild cerebellar hypoplasia, is named after the children’s book character Madeline because we discovered that she’s very brave and very adventurous!

Though she gets around just fine, she can’t climb or jump up like the others…but she really wants to explore, too.  So, we made some modifications to help her get into the window and up to some of the lower shelves of the cat tree wall.   Now everyone can look out the window.  I’ve included a few photos of these sweet girls that we’re thrilled to have in our family, and there’s a video Mods for Maddy at

Thanks again,


Alumni Update: Lily & Luke

Hi Folks!

Thought I would send you an update on Lily and Luke (formerly known as Lucious).  They have really made this house their home and have brought love into my home.  They know when it is time to eat and will not let me forget that.  Lily has energy that I would like to bottle. When she is up, everyone is up.  She climbs on my chest and stares at me until I open my eyes.  If I take too long, she smacks my nose.   She plays hard then sleeps.  You can’t help but laugh when all of a sudden she is flying through the air to land on Luke.  Luke is such a good natured guy.  He wrestles around with her and would not think to hurt her.   Luke has moments when he just wants to be held by Mama and I am happy to hold him.  He is never far from me.  Both of them need to know where I am.  Luke loves his toys.  He has taken custody of one of my elephants (a baby’s rattle) that he carries around the house.  But at night he wants his monkey.  I have included recent pictures of them.  They are healthy and happy. Their adult teeth are coming in so they are chewing on anything for comfort.  Just to remind you, Luke is all black and Lily is white and black.

They are happy kittens and growing like weeds.  Luke is trying to get use to his height. He hits his head on the coffee table when he walks under the table.  He really is going to be a big boy.  Lily still rules the house. She is funny with bottle caps.  I have to empty shoes before I put them on due to all her bottle caps. She then runs around to put them in other shoes.

They have truly brought love and joy into my house and I can’t imagine life without them.

Thanks for taking such good care of them while you had them.  I think that has helped to make them such good cats.  By the way, I am finding cats are more like dogs then people think.


Alumni Update: Sidney

We wanted to fill you in on how Sidney is doing.  They told us he was the first cat adopted out of your beautiful new facility, and we are so lucky to have him!  What a sweet, gentle cat!  He has fit right in around here, and just soaks up all of our love.  He loves belly rubs and chasing feather toys. Sidney is very chatty and lets us know what he wants.  We’ve attached a couple of photos. Thanks so much for helping us find our new family member!


Alumni Update: Valentino

miagi-cannavo-1We picked up Miagi, now Valentino, on February 15th, and he’s doing great for only being here 1 1/2 days. Of course, to be expected, he hid for the first two hours but opened up as the day progressed. He loves being brushed. He is getting used to being held, but actually comes to you when called, as he really loves being petted. Today, he is actually sitting on my lap, so he really is doing great. Still skittish with some sounds. He is quite the character, runs around the house like crazy, sleeps with us , follows me around like a dog, carries his toys around the house and is truly a little love bug!

Charlene and Chuck

Alumni Update: Ella

On Sunday February 15th, my husband and I adopted “Squirrel,” a one year old female tabby for our daughter at the PetSmart Store in Brandywine. Just to let you know she is adjusting very well – eating, playing, and sleeping are among her favorite things to do. We have all fallen head over heals for Ella! Thank you much for all the care you gave to our baby, now we will provide her with all the love she can handle in her lifetime. She has certainly made a place in all our hearts we love her dearly! Much success to your organization, I am so happy we connected that day!


Alumni Update: Blu

A few weeks ago, 6 month old DHA kitten Blu found his forever home and wasted no time settling in:

After the adoption, I dropped Blu off at home before I went off to class. He was under the supervision of my mother. I thought that when I would return home he would be hiding under furniture, afraid to come out and nervous, but I was wrong. When I got home he was upstairs watching the football game with my mother like he has lived here his whole life.

Blu is a total sweetheart. He is always full of energy and does not like to be alone. His roommate, our other cat, Razcal, has not really taken to him yet. She is not sure why he wants to play all the time. But they both shared my bed without too much of a fuss. He is great and also ready for Halloween.


Alumni Update: Frances

Frances by the window

After my 19 yr old cat passed away over the holidays, I was devastated. My vet encouraged me to adopt a new kitty from Delaware Humane. He told me to ask for Kathy Sarnecky when I went over to the shelter on January 2nd, 2014. I met Kathy and she said “I have someone in mind for you!” I walked up to the cage and saw Frances (formerly Chloe) and immediately fell in love. Her markings were so unique and her huge golden eyes sparkled. As soon as I reached into her cage, she rolled over and showed me her tummy. Kathy put her on my lap and she immediately started purring and didn’t make a move to hop down. I knew then and there she was the one for me. She is only a year old and still has a lot of kitten in her! She makes me smile and laugh constantly with all of her antics. She is so loving and sleeps with me every night purring up a storm!

I couldn’t have asked for a sweeter kitty to keep me company. Thank you Delaware Humane for all that you do!