Alumni Update: Lucille

celia-firstnightAfter adopting in last : We are so delighted with Celia, now Lucille.  She has been a treat already.  I brought her up on to the bed for a little bit before putting her in her bed for the night.  She scratched around on the bed covers for a little bit then curled up and went fast to sleep Thank you for the service you provide to these wonderful ‘people’.

Kay and Burt


Alumni Update: Marlow

Update not long after being adopted: Marlow has been much more than I could have ever hoped for. He enjoys walks and naps and has three other dog friends to walk with. Here are a few pictures from his first two weeks with us!

Update 6 months after being adopted: Marlow has been with me for about 6 months now and has become such an important part of my life. I moved to Delaware 7 months ago and got him shortly after that. His favorite things are walks and naps, he is quite possibly one of the clumsiest dogs but never lets that stop him from running up and down the steps, and is the biggest bed hog but an excellent cuddler. He has three dog friends at home and has become the best part of my move to Delaware! I am very grateful to have found him at DHA!


Alumni Update: Lily

lily-orangecat-1We adopted “Lily” on Good Friday and we took her home on Tuesday, March 29, 2016.  This is a picture of “Lily” after only 36 hours of adjusting to her new home.  She seems to be making the adjustment very well.

How they knew she was “the one”: First and foremost the fact that “Lily” is an orange tabby was a factor and, also that when she came out of her pen and we called her she came to us right away.  I told my wife after we decided to adopt Lily that I knew a half hour before we made that decision to adopt Lily, that we would. She is doing extremely well in training her new staff!


Alumni Update: Shadow

Hi! My family and I adopted Shadow from DHA on Feb 13th.

To give you an update on Shadow, we kept her name since it suits her well. She is an adorable Pit Bull Terrier/Labrador mix and she is a happy girl. As a medium sized dog she’s not exactly a lapdog but if you sit on the floor, she will curl up in your lap and just wants to be scratched, pet and hugged- we all do plenty of that! She is very lovable  Shadow likes to play tug of war and chase her chew toys around. When excited, she tends to bite too hard though her tail is wagging the whole time. She greets everyone with enthusiasm and thought it all great fun to see so many people who will give her attention.

We took a couple of snapshots with my teenage boys who just adore her!

Shadow has been a great addition to our family. She is a smart girl and has learned that we don’t like her nipping. It’s not often an issue anymore. She continues to enjoy long walks and backyard play time and is always “shadowing” someone around the house. She’s a love!

The Hill Family

Alumni Update: Cooper

We adopted our Bassett, “Marvin,” from DHA in Wilmington on Friday, April 8th! Since he wasn’t responding a lot to the name “Marvin,” we assumed it was a shelter given name. Now “Marvin” is Cooper!!

Cooper has a sister named Daisy. Daisy is also a Bassett and we believe they are both four years old. Cooper and Daisy are becoming the best of buddies! They have started snuggling when they nap and are reallllly starting to play together lots!! We love the silly way he lays down and he can turn ANY treat into a game (ice)!!

It wasn’t long before Cooper went on his first Jeep ride! We belted both he and Daisy in and took off! Cooper LOVES riding in the Jeep!

Thank you so much for helping us to complete our happy family. My hubby, 12 year old daughter and I love Cooper! Once you adopt Bassett, you’ll never go back!

Much love,
Eddy, Sarah and Emily

Alumni Update: Trixie

We adopted Trixie about a week before Christmas. She is doing great and everyone loves her. She enjoys going on walks and just hanging out watching tv with us. She also likes riding in the car. We are so glad we could adopt her; we just can’t thank you enough for letting us adopt Trixie.  She has several doggie beds in different rooms but of course prefers to sleep in our real beds at night and she likes the best seat in the house during tv time. She’s such a sweetie!

Chris, Eric, Samantha & Steve