Dexter needs your help!

Dexter is a five week old kitten who came to DHA after he was found homeless during the huge snowstorm that recently hit our area and brought to DHA. Weak and  dehydrated, his siblings were not saved in time, and he almost didn’t make it either. For the past couple of days he has been fighting for his life at Windcrest Animal Hospital, and thanks to the great care of the staff there as well as his foster mom, he is on the road to recovery! As you can imagine, the intensive care he needed to survive quickly became expensive. If you’re able to donate a dollar or more for his vet bill, please contact DHA’s Sandy Leigh at (302) 571-8171 ext. 307. You can also mail a check (please note that it’s for Dexter), or just stop by the shelter. Thanks for your support, and pass it on!