Alumni Update: Shadow

Hi! My family and I adopted Shadow from DHA on Feb 13th.

To give you an update on Shadow, we kept her name since it suits her well. She is an adorable Pit Bull Terrier/Labrador mix and she is a happy girl. As a medium sized dog she’s not exactly a lapdog but if you sit on the floor, she will curl up in your lap and just wants to be scratched, pet and hugged- we all do plenty of that! She is very lovable  Shadow likes to play tug of war and chase her chew toys around. When excited, she tends to bite too hard though her tail is wagging the whole time. She greets everyone with enthusiasm and thought it all great fun to see so many people who will give her attention.

We took a couple of snapshots with my teenage boys who just adore her!

Shadow has been a great addition to our family. She is a smart girl and has learned that we don’t like her nipping. It’s not often an issue anymore. She continues to enjoy long walks and backyard play time and is always “shadowing” someone around the house. She’s a love!

The Hill Family


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