Alumni Update: Sunflower

During the fizzled out hurricane in September of 2015, we visited DHA and saw Stacy.  She was very shy and leery of us.  After a short visit, we put in our application for her.  The day we came to pick her up she was not feeling well and the decision was made to leave her at DHA until she was better.  It was the longest wait for me. I called every day to check on her.  Finally we were able to take her home.

Stacy came home as “Sunflower”. My husband kept calling her Sunshine so her nickname is now Sunny.  She is no longer shy, although she can be stubborn at times.  She was very timid and scared of loud voices (calling her), but now when I call her name she comes running.  She gobbled her food as soon as I put it in her bowl  but now she realizes that no one is going to steal her food.  She has doubled in size from 20 to 40 lbs. and gown a little, but I don’t think she will get much bigger. 

She loves to run on our farm and when she got to experience snow,  I couldn’t get her to come inside – just like a little kid.

Sunny is very comfortable in our home.  And of course, she realizes she is ‘queen’.  She gets along well with the cats and many nights they sleep next to each other in bed.

Here is a picture of her checking out the snow and another of her cuddling with her dog cousin “Ellie”.  We’re so happy that she’s a part of our family.


Alumni Update: Copper

I adopted Copper, previously named “Cooper” on 8/11/2015. My experience has been great! He is such an amazing dog!

Copper has learned lots of new tricks. He knows sit, lay down, paw, roll over, stay and come. He is fully potty trained and sleeps out of the crate with me! He loves going for walks around the neighborhood and absolutely loves sticks. He has made a best friend named DeKota and they are inseparable and always love playing together. He has brought so much joy to my life and I am so happy with him!

I eventually plan on testing to see what kind of dog he is..I am so curious! So many people have told me that they think he is part bloodhound, which I would definitely have to agree with! So far he has gained 8.2 pounds since bringing him home from the humane!

I was afraid that it would be hard for him to transition from the Delaware Humane to my home, but he surprised me and from day one he has fit in and loves it here! I am so glad I rescued him from you guys!


Alumni Update: Bacon & Eggs

We adopted Bacon (all black) around Halloween two years ago and he has been THE greatest cat. We remembered he was friendly with other cats in the open cat room and decided he might like a friend. We found Tip (tuxedo), who we renamed Eggs and the two have became one of the best breakfast combinations you could imagine! Bacon and Eggs love to play, snuggle and give each other cat baths. It’s really awesome having the coolest cats around, thanks! 


Alumni Update: Maverick & Maizy

Upon moving to Delaware in 2014, I felt like my home was missing something, a pet. Growing up in a household that focused on rescuing animals, I began visiting DHA.  On my fourth visit to DHA, I stumbled across Maizy (formally known as Sneezy) a 3-month old lab. She was extremely energetic and a barker, so unfortunately she had been returned. Taking her home two days later, I realized just how silly she was. My friends began calling her Crazy, Maizy because she would run through the house and/or chase her tail. Often protective of her toys and food, she had to start learning how to share and trade on command. It’s amazing how smart she is as she quickly learned her proper manners. 

After meeting Brian, he mentioned wanting to add to our family.  Back to DHA we went.  After getting overlooked for his appearance and presentation, we decided to take a chance on 2-year old Maverick. We introduced the two and an instant connection was made.  We decided to foster since Maverick was nervous around men, strangers, and other dogs.

Within our home, these two NEVER stopped Playing!  He quickly settled in, showing us how he is a typical pit who thought he was a lap dog.  Maverick will squeeze into any spot on the couch just to be next to one of us or Maizy. They cuddle, share toys, bones, and space. Maverick will lick Maizy’s face for 2-3 minutes (yes, we timed it).  I will never know what clicked for him, but it’s inspiring to see the growth of these two dogs. At this point, we cannot imagine separating these two love birds and have officially adopted Maverick. Thank you for allowing us to adopt!

Casey and Brian

Alumni Update: Baby

Baby-catAfter losing their previous two cats almost 3 years ago, it took a few visits with one special kitty for them to be sure Baby was “the one.” Her first night, she let them know they found the perfect companion.

“We just adopted “Baby” and couldn’t be happier!! She is settling into her new home beautifully. Working with Margie was a great experience. She cares so much for the cats in her care and made sure we were all a good match for each other. Our new little girl is so gentle and laid back, perfect for our 3 sons. Our boys are so happy to finally have a pet to call their own. We can’t thank you all enough for completing our family!”

Alumni Update: Cindy

On March 6th 2002, we adopted two year old Cindy, a hound mix who had  been found as a stray. Because we didn’t know her actual birthday we made March 6th her official birthday. So now that she is a Sweet Sixteen, we are celebrating her birthday and fourteen wonderful years with our forever dog. Last week, she passed her wellness check at the vet’s with flying colors – she is aging gracefully, still enjoying the great outdoors, and still enjoying life, although it’s not always easy to tell … “Cindy! Why the long face! Oh wait, you can’t help it, you’re a hound!” :)

Thank you, DHA, for our wonderful dog, and thank you for everything you do.

The Rumbelow family