Alumni Update: Miss Kitty & Pepsi-Coalie

Just wanted to update you all on these happy kitties! They are quite a pair and enjoy running the hallways of their new house.. Everything is theirs’ to play with, and they will tell us so. From our laps to their cat trees, this is their home!

Katey is now enjoying her new name “Miss Kitty”; she is just as classy as the Miss Kitty on TV’s Gunsmoke.

Mango loves her new name “Pepsi-Coalie” and has a love-affair with feet! They are the hit of the family and are quite busy together!

Thanks so much for taking such good care of them for us until we could discover them! They are so loving, so loved and their motors are going all the time with contentment. Its like they have been home with us for years.

Alumni Update: Jameson

My new love! Jameson (aka Yeti) is settling in nicely. He is happy with just a few toys and a nice bed. I couldn’t have adopted a more perfect dog for our family. He loves exploring the property getting easily distracted by squirrel and bird noises. Your staff were wonderful each time I came to visit. I couldn’t have had a better experience! Thank you so much DHA!


Alumni Update: Willow

In July of 2015, we adopted a beautiful kitten named Sticky. (We changed her name to Willow.) After an initial period of shyness, she has become a friendly and playful member of our family. We enjoy playing with her and watching her race around the house and toss her ball.Thank you for giving us the opportunity to take her home!


Alumni Update: Ruka

I adopted Ruka (formerly known as Rigatoni) on September 4th. She has been an absolute pleasure to have with me and I could not have asked for a better companion! I cannot thank the Delaware Humane Association enough. Ruka is smart, sweet, and outgoing and I’m beyond grateful that I’m able to call her a member of my family.


Alumni Update: Naomi & Madeline

Our house was home to six cats when we lost our 20 year old last year.  We decided to spend time at the adoption centers and open our hearts to another orphan.  After a number of visits, one day we walked into your adoption center at PetSmart in Brandywine where a gregarious little brown-red tabby and her adorable sister stole our hearts.  They were called Simona  & Madison, though after a lot of thought we changed their names to Naomi & Madeline.  Maddy, the shy sister with mild cerebellar hypoplasia, is named after the children’s book character Madeline because we discovered that she’s very brave and very adventurous!

Though she gets around just fine, she can’t climb or jump up like the others…but she really wants to explore, too.  So, we made some modifications to help her get into the window and up to some of the lower shelves of the cat tree wall.   Now everyone can look out the window.  I’ve included a few photos of these sweet girls that we’re thrilled to have in our family, and there’s a video Mods for Maddy at

Thanks again,

Alumni Update: Sunflower

During the fizzled out hurricane in September of 2015, we visited DHA and saw Stacy.  She was very shy and leery of us.  After a short visit, we put in our application for her.  The day we came to pick her up she was not feeling well and the decision was made to leave her at DHA until she was better.  It was the longest wait for me. I called every day to check on her.  Finally we were able to take her home.

Stacy came home as “Sunflower”. My husband kept calling her Sunshine so her nickname is now Sunny.  She is no longer shy, although she can be stubborn at times.  She was very timid and scared of loud voices (calling her), but now when I call her name she comes running.  She gobbled her food as soon as I put it in her bowl  but now she realizes that no one is going to steal her food.  She has doubled in size from 20 to 40 lbs. and gown a little, but I don’t think she will get much bigger. 

She loves to run on our farm and when she got to experience snow,  I couldn’t get her to come inside – just like a little kid.

Sunny is very comfortable in our home.  And of course, she realizes she is ‘queen’.  She gets along well with the cats and many nights they sleep next to each other in bed.

Here is a picture of her checking out the snow and another of her cuddling with her dog cousin “Ellie”.  We’re so happy that she’s a part of our family.