Alumni Update: Sam

We adopted Sam (who was then known as Chip) in February! He has become so special to our family and we absolutely adore him!  He LOVES attention and enjoys snuggling everywhere (couch, bed, floor, etc)!

When he first came to us he had no idea how to play with a toy but now he is obsessed with playing! He especially loves chasing around his baseball after swatting it away himself. Thank you for what you do, DE Humane!!

Bud and Hope

Alumni Update: Inky

I adopted Inky in January and he’s doing great! My experience with DHA has been so memorable. Two weeks prior when I volunteered with my work I did not expect to fall in love-but fall in love I did! I knew I needed to take Inky home. He has done great in his new home and has the most loving personality. Every day when I come home from work I’m greeted at the door by him and every night he sleeps in bed with my 3 year old daughter. He’s definitely the king of the castle and very spoiled. He’s in great health and we can’t wait to spend many years to come with our perfect boy. I just wanted to say thanks again!


Alumni Update: Khloe

I wanted to give a VERY HAPPY update regarding Khloe- formally known as Angel, whom my daughter and I adopted on January 13, 2010. She has been the best dog ever! Absolutely everything we were looking for. Khloe still loves to snuggle with us in bed or on the couch, in our laps. She has never needed to be on a leash (unless it’s required depending on where we are at), she walks right beside me and doesn’t stray far from my legs! She was estimated to be about 4 or 5 years old when we adopted her so now she is about 10 years old and still very active and happy!
And of course, EXTREMELY LOVED!!!

Thank you!
Kaite and Kiarah
Lewes, Delaware

Alumni Update: Denver

We adopted Denver (aka Moe) on 10/4/2015 from the DHA, and although we have had a fair share of vet and emergency visits already, mostly due to anxiety and typical lab issues (eating everything and anything in sight), and a run in at the dog park, our lives have forever changed for the better!! We could not imagine life without Denver. We often wonder where his brothers ended up (Larry and Curley), and hope to run into them some day! In the attached collage, the top left picture reminds us of his brothers, as we remember seeing a picture of Larry posted on DHA Facebook page, with the same ear look. The top right involves one of Denver’s favorite activities: fetch, followed by eat the tennis ball. The bottom left is another one of his favorite activities: lounging with Mom & Dad. The bottom right is Denver when he was getting in the holiday spirit!

Kristen and Mike

Alumni Update: Henrietta & Dr. Pepper

Tim & I came to picked up Henrietta & Dr Pepper in March, they were two of the young adult cats from the Junk Food Room. Henrietta was always very frightened & skittish, and I expected her to also be frightened at home & hide for a couple days….but she blossomed almost as soon as we got her home! Both she and Dr Pepper came out of their carriers immediately to explore, and they’ve been running around playing and cuddling with me ever since :) They are both affectionate & sweet, but Henrietta is especially a lovebug. I am so pleasantly surprised, and so totally in love!! 

Tim & Amie (Proud kitty parents <3)