Alumni Update: Buddha & Merlin

April 2015: We wanted to reach out and update you on ‘Nickleby’, the cat we adopted on 4/10/15. We have renamed him ‘Buddha’ and he has already been a wonderful addition to our family.

The first day, he acclimated to our home almost immediately. He hopped out of his carrier, sniffed around a bit, and started purring and asking for head rubs. Within an hour he was fast asleep on our guest room bed.

Even in just one short week, Buddha’s personality has truly blossomed. He acts like a 4-year-old kitten most days, playing with toys, running around, and playing hide-and-seek with us. He was very affectionate when we first met him at DHA, and that has only increased at home. He purrs really loud whenever he is happy (which is most of the time). He loves to cuddle, give kisses, and hang out wherever we are. He truly is a wonderful companion.

We can tell Nickleby/Buddha is very happy in his forever home, and we are too!! Thank you all for taking such good care of our new family member while he waited for us to find him.

January 2016: We have another update for you! We adopted a second cat, Storm, on December 29th. He is doing GREAT, as well, and has shaped up to be the perfect little brother for Buddha. They love to play, chase each other, wrestle, and just chill out together. We have renamed Storm ‘Merlin’ and he is the sweetest, most affectionate lovebug. So now we have two lovebugs thanks to DHA!

Lauren & Paul

Alumni Update: Natalia

Natalia, adopted in 2010, is 5-years-old and weighs 100 lbs resides in Dover, DE. She’s a lab/pittie mix. She has 3 rescued siblings Natasha (8-year-old), Gretel (1-year-old), and Outlaw (10-year-old). We also rescue small livestock and have two domesticated feral cats indoor and one stubborn guy who sleeps in feral kitty house. She’s a wonderful fur baby and a great big sister! Thank you for what you do.

Alumni Update: Zapp

We adopted Petunia (now Zapp) over a year ago (June 13, 2014) and are happy to share that she is doing very well!  She loves car rides to the park and walks in the neighborhood. She loves meeting other dogs and playing fetch.  She is even getting along great with our cat. Zapp is also doing pet therapy visits at Brandywine Nursing Home through Faithful Friends. She loves visiting the residents and the all the attention and petting! We absolutely adore her and could not have asked for a better companion.

Thank you for allowing us to bring her into our home and our hearts,
Danielle and Ed

Alumni Update: Pete & Gaius

PeteandGaiusPete (the orange tabby in the photo) was almost a year old when he came home with me. He was very excited and curious about everything that first weekend. He hardly slept, just purrrrrred non-stop for about two days! But despite all of the attention I was giving him, he was a little bored by the fall and so I decided he needed (and I was ready for him to have) a friend.

I adopted Atticus (now Gaius Atticus) on October 26. He and Petey got along quite well from the start — and almost overnight Petey began behaving less like a young cat and more like the “big brother.” Not that he turns up his nose at the chance to run around wit his little brother and chase-or-be-chased!

Anyway, I thought you and your staff would be glad to know that both Pete and Gaius Atticus are happy, healthy and much loved. Thank you for all that you do!

Best regards,

Alumni Update: Kimba

Kimba is adjusting nicely, at her pace. In March, she still startled easily but she’s definitely worth the wait, seeing her personality develop before my eyes is a privilege. She loves the new “Breeze litter box” she is telling me what she wants to eat haha. And has started to play this week. I can’t wait to see what else she shares as she realizes she is loved,safe and wanted. Thanks for being there for us to find each other!


Alumni Update: Dos Puntos & Gordo

We recently adopted Gordo & Dos into our family, and it was one of the best choices we ever made! These two are smarter than I ever thought, they even wipe their paws on a towel when they come in from using the bathroom on rainy days.

They’re little cuddle bugs, who love to curl up on our laps and give tons of kisses. They like to chase each other back and forth through the house, and bath time is a breeze.

I am surprised that these two weren’t adopted dinner sooner, but it worked out perfectly for us. They are two of the best Christmas presents we have ever received!