Alumni Update: Ricky


I am the proud parent of Ricky, whom I adopted from DHA on September 21, 2007.

I met Ricky and the wonderful staff of DHA on that date at an Adopt A Thon at Pet Smart in the Brandywine Complex on Naamans Road. I had recently moved to Delaware to start law school at Widener Law.  I remember Ricky sitting on the floor of an enclosed area, napping, as curious kittens jumped all around him.  He was 2 and 1/2 at that time and totally unfazed by the active kittens.  I asked a staff member about Ricky and was told that he was sweet and quite a chatterbox.  I decided to adopt Ricky right then and there.

From that day, Ricky and I have been on many of life’s adventures together.  I moved home to Northeastern PA after law school and subsequently moved to Allentown, PA, which Ricky was right there with me.  I am now back home in Northeastern PA and Ricky is, of course, right along with me.

Ricky has logged a lot of miles in traveling between DE and PA when I was in law school.  He had the front seat in his cat carrier.  I recall one summer when it was so hot, I stopped to use the restroom at a travel plaza along the turnpike.  It was too hot for him to remain in the car while I went inside so I took him in his cat carrier into the restroom with me.  He is my child so I didn’t care who said what to me!  Imagine him speaking while I was in the restroom stall!  He is quite the chatterbox as he meows when asked questions!

Ricky is now 11 years old and at times, still that docile cat that I first met.  At other times, he is reminiscent of a kitten.  He has lived with 2 other adopted cats who were his friends and now a dog, of which they tolerate each other.

He was adopted by DHA from a kill shelter in Kent County.  I cannot express all my thanks enough to DHA for rescuing this sweet boy and giving me the opportunity to adopt my fur baby!

He got me through many, many difficult times and I can always feel the love that he has.  I say that he is really a dog trapped in a cat’s body as he fetches toys and follows me around the house all the time.  He has brought so much joy to my life.  He spends his days sleeping, watching birds through the window, and relaxing on my bed.

Ricky wants you to know that he’s doing well and is forever grateful to DHA for saving him and allowing him to have a happy life! My immeasurable thanks and gratitude to you for the wonderful work that you do!  Thank you for giving me my best friend!

Melissa and Ricky

Alumni Update: Murphy

I adopted Stewie (and renamed him “Murphy” in honor of Lt. Michael Murphy – Navy Seal and Medal of Honor recipient who died heroically trying to reach rescue for his fellow seals. The pup picked up on his new name very quickly!) and fell in love right away! He’s my buddy. We do just about everything together and he doesn’t leave my side. From walks on the beach to playing in the giant field outback, to car rides and road trips – Murph is my best bud. I wouldn’t trade his crazy personality for anything in the world. Thanks for giving me my best friend. You guys rock!


Alumni Update: Chase

We adopted Chase from you when he was just a puppy in October of 2012. He was one of a litter of puppies that were said to be lab/shepherd mixes – that has turned out to definitely not be the case, but his makeup is quite a mystery! We’ve heard lab/boxer, puggle, and a couple others. (We noticed that his brother Cooper was featured on your blog in 2014! Hello from us!)

Regardless, he is sweet, snuggly, and very particular! He loves to eat (more than anything in the world), sit on the picnic table outside, curl up by our side, give kisses, and guard the house from anyone walking by on the street. He also loves playing with his sister Daphne (beagle) and brother Finn (pointer/pit mix).

Thanks to the Delaware Humane Association for our boy!

Kelly and Sean

Alumni Update: Ella and Coletrane

We adopted Ella (previously known as Yolanda) in 2008, she is a black lab/terrier mix. Then we adopted Coletrane (previously known as Lewis) in 2012; he is a brindle boxer/terrier mix. These two have become inseparable and enjoy everything from going to the Banning Bark Park, participating in 5K’s, camping and vacationing with the family. Thanks to DHA for these fantastic pups!