Alumni Update: Ranger

After spending over 2 months as one of DHA’s cat room greeters, he finally found a home he could be the official greeter of his own home! Here is an update from his mom: I wanted to let you know how comfortable Ranger is in his new home. He will be keeping the name Ranger. I am so happy to have Ranger as a member of my family and he appears very happy to be here. Thanks for taking care of him until I could bring him home with me.

Ann F

Alumni Update: Zoey

December 12, 2014

I wanted to give you an update on Cookie, now known as Zoey. She is no longer that shy puppy that just lays down when she doesn’t feel like walking anymore (although we still aren’t officially broken of this). When I first brought her home she was scared of the stairs, car rides, and I barely was able to walk her 5ft without her laying on her back. I am happy to say she is becoming a more confident, almost well mannered puppy (we still have that puppy energy and curiosity).

Zoey has adapted very well to being spoiled and loves chewing on raw hides, peanut butter kongs, and playing with her brother Odin. She has learned how to sit, give paw, and lay down on command. She also is very good at listening and will stop what she is doing after hearing the word no. She does however have a little bit of separation anxiety and is not a fan of being in her crate home alone (she barks the whole time when left alone in it).

Zoey enjoys going on walks but only if Odin comes (they lean into each other while walking). We are still working on our house breaking but she is making great progress and is starting to go to the door when she wants to be walked. Zoey and Odin absolutely adore each other!! We keep a baby gate up to keep her in the living room and her and odin have both jumped over it and knocked it down so they can play with each other. Zoey has been a great addition to our family and we couldn’t be happier.


Alumni Update: Sidney

We wanted to fill you in on how Sidney is doing.  They told us he was the first cat adopted out of your beautiful new facility, and we are so lucky to have him!  What a sweet, gentle cat!  He has fit right in around here, and just soaks up all of our love.  He loves belly rubs and chasing feather toys. Sidney is very chatty and lets us know what he wants.  We’ve attached a couple of photos. Thanks so much for helping us find our new family member!


Alumni Update: Sparticus


We adopted Spartacus on 8/20/15 and kept his name the same because it is bad %&$ just like him ;-) He has only been with us a few days and he has stolen all our hearts, human and canine!!!

We lost our chihuahua Belle October 2014  and we’ve been grieving ever since. In May of 2014 our Labrador Maddie contracted an autoimmune / neurological disorder and has been paralyzed for just over a year. Although she has a special cart, receives physical therapy and gets loads of attention from all of us , she was beginning to feel a little down. Our beagle Gruff is getting older and he likes to chill out on the couch most of the time and Maddie was feeling pretty lonely…Spart brought a spark to our home and our hearts. We feel alive again. Maddie and Spartacus snuggle and play tug a war and he even has Gruff skipping through our fenced yard with a new found pep in his step. The kids belly laugh at Spart’s antics while chasing his chew toys / balls and he is as gentle as a flower especially with the young children…what a delight ! I can’t imagine who could ever have decided that life be still be worth living without him!! My husband likes teaching him new tricks (which he picks up INSTANTLY) and my mother has declared him HER bedtime snuggle partner!

We want to thank you all for providing him with a warm and loving environment until our hearts were able to find him…each and everyone one of you at DHA is a giant among the human race with hearts dripping in gold…never stop fighting to protect them, to save them, to cure them, to love them, and to home them!!!!!!

We are always here for you guys in any possible way you might need us… hope you enjoy the heartwarming pics as much as we do ♡♡♡

Much love, 

Shannon , Kader , Debbie , Gabriel , Sarah , Maddie & McGruff

Alumni Update: Valentino

miagi-cannavo-1We picked up Miagi, now Valentino, on February 15th, and he’s doing great for only being here 1 1/2 days. Of course, to be expected, he hid for the first two hours but opened up as the day progressed. He loves being brushed. He is getting used to being held, but actually comes to you when called, as he really loves being petted. Today, he is actually sitting on my lap, so he really is doing great. Still skittish with some sounds. He is quite the character, runs around the house like crazy, sleeps with us , follows me around like a dog, carries his toys around the house and is truly a little love bug!

Charlene and Chuck

Alumni Update: Daisy & Sky

We wanted to let you know how well Daisy (ask Tazzy) is doing since she’s come to live with us. Our daughter was smitten by her when we went into our local Concord Pet Store in the Graylyn Shopping Center end of May 2014 where you had a special cat adoption that day. Sara gave a little attention to the adorable kittens but she went back and stayed with Tazzy the beautiful, serene white cat. Undeterred when she was told that Tazzy is 9yrs old, she insisted that I go home and convince dad that we should adopt her while she stayed with Tazzy. Fortunately, just a cell phone call home was enough to convince him. Tazzy was brought home, rechristened Daisy and she’s made a smooth transition into our family. She was initially wary of our old gentleman dog Sky (also a DE Humane alumni, aka Duffy, adopted back in March 2001) who gave her one curious sniff and accepted her. At first, Daisy would only stay in whatever room she was placed in, but she’s gotten her confidence and discovered the joys of free reign of the home, aided by Sky, the dear dog that he is, that he just lets her do whatever she wants, even deferring to her when she wants to sneak some of his food right in front of him.

I’ve had the pleasure of living with 3 previous cats and now with Daisy and I marvel how each one is a unique personality unto their own. Daisy is a quiet cat who emits a soft “meep” for her meow when she wants attention, especially for her meal. She’ll follow us and then just flops down in the middle of the room onto her side as she waits to see what we are up to. She loves to attack shoelaces, especially, when you’re in the process of tying them. She’ll keep us company on the sofa but despite her gorgeously soft fur she is not a standard lap cat, preferring instead to curl next to us  (if it’s a cool evening, she’ll grant us the pleasure of climbing onto our lap, curiously it was my husband’s lap she first deemed worthy, much to my daughter’s and my dismay) and she loves to sleep at the foot of our bed or just window watch. She also has the curious habit of scooping water from the water bowl with one paw and drinking from it. She’ll do this over and over, it’s the funniest thing to see. If we ever catch it on video we’ll have to send it to you.

In summary, Daisy has been a perfect addition to our home whose easy going unoffensive behavior has even redeemed cats to my husband, (who after our last cat Cosmo, who was a charming but very bad boy, that had my husband vowing no more cats), now had quickly accepted and acknowledged how Daisy was a good pick (so for other families out there, don’t overlook those older cats or dogs, your perfect family pet may be among them!). Sara and I like to toy with adding yet another cat, but my worried husband warns we have harmony in the household, so don’t mess with it.  I understand where he is coming from, but I don’t know, 3 is a good number, we might meet another special one out there who will also blend in nicely to our family. But for now, we’re a happy family.

Before I close, I have to reiterate how special we feel our dog Sky is. He has been the perfect dog for us. He had been easy to train and has the right energy level for us, (a daily walk suffices. And we don’t mind that he’s never been a play dog, not seeing the point of fetch.)  He is a wonderful companion, he follows me around the house but yet, we give each other space. He is such a good dog that my husband would ponder who would give up such a dog (it was said that Sky was just left tied at Delaware Humane’s gate with no explanation. Thank you again to the foster family for taking him in until space was available at the shelter. We arrived the day he was acclimating to the shelter and I felt an instant connection to him even though he was shy and a bit aloof.) Although now at approximately 14yrs of age, his hearing and sight are not quite as good, he is still always quick to go for a walk, although that walk may not be as long as before, especially, in the summer heat, but the cooler weather reinvigorates him. He’s a pleasure to walk too, doesn’t chase after things, doesn’t bark at others, even other dogs. He also enjoys patroling our backyard and then laying in a sunny spot as the squirrels run by him (he must categorize them with cats, content to let them rule)  He is a dear, sweet dog and a much loved member of our family.

A big thank you to your staff, volunteers and foster families for all that you do in giving these animals their proper opportunity to be matched with a forever home because we are grateful to be able to give that for both Sky and Daisy.

Thank you!
Kathy, Greg and Sara,
Sky and Daisy

Alumni Update: Maria

Just wanted to pass along an update about “Maria” who was adopted out in January. She has found a passion for running while her owners are bike riding. Other than that, she is loving life and her new home! We have a trainer working with us every weekend. We know she needed to restart fresh with commands and obedience. She is doing great! We go for about a 2 mile bike ride every day if it is not cold of course. I am so glad we have her. With a little brush up on commands and obedience she is going to be the perfect dog!

Jill and Joe