Alumni Update: Frances

Frances by the window

After my 19 yr old cat passed away over the holidays, I was devastated. My vet encouraged me to adopt a new kitty from Delaware Humane. He told me to ask for Kathy Sarnecky when I went over to the shelter on January 2nd, 2014. I met Kathy and she said “I have someone in mind for you!” I walked up to the cage and saw Frances (formerly Chloe) and immediately fell in love. Her markings were so unique and her huge golden eyes sparkled. As soon as I reached into her cage, she rolled over and showed me her tummy. Kathy put her on my lap and she immediately started purring and didn’t make a move to hop down. I knew then and there she was the one for me. She is only a year old and still has a lot of kitten in her! She makes me smile and laugh constantly with all of her antics. She is so loving and sleeps with me every night purring up a storm!

I couldn’t have asked for a sweeter kitty to keep me company. Thank you Delaware Humane for all that you do!


Alumni Update: Mya

We adopted Mya a Dutch Shepherd in August 2013 when she was 6 months old and she has been wonderful addition to our family! Mya has made many wonderful changes in our lives and we could not ask for a better dog. When we went to the shelter to pick her up, I felt a burst of happiness. When we first brought Mya to our house, she was very quiet and didn’t want to come in. But with a little TLC she was fine. Mya has learned many tricks like sit, stay, come, roll over, bark, dance, sit pretty, high-five, and paw. She loves long walks and be careful when you say “treat” she has big ears and can hear you from a mile away! She still gets excited when we come home from work and school! Crazy dog! Thank you DHA for the best dog ever. We are so lucky to have her!

- Kenny, Dawn, and Ivey

Also, a submission from Ivey:

One day I was walking in the DHA with my parents and we weren’t expecting to get a dog. When we got to the dog area we looked around for a couple minutes until I found Mya. At the time her name was Queenie. I told my mom to look at her and the first thing she said was “Ew Ivey, look at her ears, they are so pointy.” I realized that no dog is perfect and neither are people. After we left, I told my dad that we had to go back. When we got there AGAIN, I went back to Mya and talked to her. I said “Hey baby girl. I know that you heared what my mom said but that isn’t true. I love your ears. Be strong. Someone will adopt you.” I spent 10 minutes at her kennel and then walked away. Out of all the barking I heared her whine. I walked back to her and said “Do you want us to take you out?” So then my dad asked one of the workers if we could take her out. Of course they said yes. When we got out into the play area Mya jumped up on us and licked us. I knew she was ours! I begged my dad to put an application in for her. After what seemed like 20 minutes of begging him, he finally said yes. I was crying with joy. When we put her back in the kennel, another lady took her out. I was getting really nervous. She even beat us to the adoption forms. When we were filling it out, I had my doubts. But then again I would’ve been happy for whoever got Mya. Atleast she had a home. We turned in our application form and they said we had to wait 2 days for a call. On Tuesday August 13, we got the call. I was jumping up and down with joy. We had to pick her up that day and have a breif meeting. After the meeting we got her out of the kennel and took her home. Right from the beginning I knew she was ours. I saw something in her that others did not see. Maybe she saw something in me. I will never know but, I do know that they say “We don’t pick the dog, The dog picks us.”

Alumni Update: Kasey Kahne

I don’t know if you remember me, but I adopted a black kitten named Kasey Kahne at the PetSmart at the Brandywine Town Center 4 years ago this month.  Margie, he was from a batch of kittens that you took care of at your home.

I just wanted to tell you that he will be 4 years old next month and is a big (15 pounds), healthy kitty.  He has become my constant companion and best friend.  He is not a lap kitty, but he is always close to me.  Needless to say he is a great kitty and I’m so happy that I found him and adopted him.
Claudia Harris

Alumni Update: Carmello

I adopted Carmello back in 2007.  He was a jumpy, nutty dog with no social skills and a great deal of energy being a chow-chow shepherd mix, and only one year old.  Now, about 7 years later, he has two sister cats and is well loved and happy.  He has many human aunts, uncles, and friends and is revered for his beautiful smile, which is what drew me to him so long ago.  Thank you for rescuing my boy from the streets, where he was before you received him, and thank you for taking such good care of him before he reached my life.



Carmello’s Mom


Alumni Update: Porkchop

I just wanted to say thank you a million times over!!! Thanks to the adoption event at PetSmart we were so lucky to get to meet Porkchop and adopt him! He has blended into our family like he has been here for years!! We love him so much already! He is already quite attached to all four of us and we could not be happier. Thank you again, so much, you really have made all of our lives so much better.

I just wanted to give you guys another update on Mr. Porkchop.  We adopted him at the beginning of April and it’s like he’s always lived here.  He and my two boys have become best friends and the three of them are constantly colluding against the grown ups in the house and how best to sneak some of their dinner to Porkchop’s bowl.  We’re still working on some basic manners, like not jumping up on people when he’s excited to see them, but he is doing fantastic and picking up quickly.  He even listens to the boys, especially if they have cookies.  Usually by the time the boys get to bed, Chopper is pretty worn out himself!  He keeps trying to play with our cats, who are having none of it, but nothing prey driven or serious.  He really just wants to play with everyone.  We had a brief medical scare with a bowel obstruction that had to be fixed but he’s back to his normal, energetic, happy self now.

I’ve attached some pictures of him settled in and hanging out with his kids.  Thank you so much, DHA, for being so wonderful and bringing us all together!
-Jenn Kutney-Soper (for Michael, Mekhi, Jonathan, Mojo Jojo, Moogle, and Porkchop)