Priscilla Gets a Makeover

Thank you to Best Friends Pet Care in Chadds Ford, PA for grooming Priscilla for us. Melissa did a fantastic job, and Priscilla is so much happier without all of the tangles she had when she arrived at DHA. She will be even happier when she finds a new home and will be available for adoption very soon. Contact DHA’s Client Services staff at (302) 571-0111 or for more info!

Alumni Update: Charlie

Going from working with hundreds of dogs with homes, to many dogs without, opened my eyes to how many just needed someone to give them a chance. Growing up without any pets of my own, I wanted my first dog to be a puppy, so I could raise it myself. That was until I started working at DHA. Seeing how quickly the puppies would get adopted, while some of my favorite dogs got overlooked, made me think differently.

As I spent more time getting to know the dogs who’d been at the shelter for longer than usual, one really stuck out – Smokey. When I was considering fostering him, I knew I would have to see how he did with my boyfriend Will, since he seemed more cautious around men. Upon first meeting, neither were trilled. Not ready to give up, a coworker suggested we get Smokey used to Will’s scent, so I brought in t-shirts for him to sleep on and even cut one up for him to wear!

In time, we did a dog meeting with Will’s own DHA alum, Midnight (formerly known as Velvet), to assure that if the boys could get along, the dogs could too. The following weekend, Smokey had surgery on his paw. The risk of his “roommate” opening his sutures led me to bringing him home for the evening to assure he was being looked after (basically, this was the perfect opportunity to see how he did out of the shelter). Seeing how accepting he was of Will each time I brought him home, made me more sure than ever that this special dog had found his forever home. After being overlooked at the shelter for a year, we decided Smokey deserved a new start with a new name… welcome to the family Charlie!

Steph & Will

Alumni Update: Cooper

In October 2012 we adopted a two month old part lab, part shepherd at the time named David. David is now Cooper and he is 50 lbs. Several people have told us he may have part Pug and/or Beagle in him because of his curly tail and short nose. He has been a great dog. Great with people, kids and the house cat. From the beginning he was very easily housebroken and never got in the habit of chewing furniture. Cooper is full of energy and when he doesn’t burn it off outside in the big backyard or on a walk, he sprints around the house to wear himself out. Last December on one of his backyard runs he caught his toe in something and broke it and spent 6 weeks in a cast. Attached are several pictures which start from the day we brought him home to his current full size. Thank you for him. We often talk about his brothers and sisters and how they’re doing. I hope they’re doing well. Thanks again!

Brian & Christine

Alumni Update: Zamboni

We can’t believe that Rocky, now Zamboni (because his dad is a hockey fan), has been home with us for over four months. Although he was shy at first, he fit right into our home. Now he’s actually shameless, to the point where Zamboni has no problem claiming his spot on the bed each night.

Zamboni was a bit of a chubbster when we adopted him, but by the time we took him to his first vet appointment, he had already lost six pounds with lots of walks around his new neighborhood. His favorite thing to do is play and sniff around the backyard, but most especially when there’s snow on the ground.

We couldn’t imagine a better dog for our family—Zamboni was the one to make our house a home. We hope he feels the same about us too. Everyone who meets him tells us he’s handsome and a sweetheart, and it’s true —it’s easy to see why he was a volunteer favorite at the DHA. We’re grateful we were chosen to be his forever family and want to thank all the staff and volunteers who made the process so painless, especially Violette, who introduced us to Rocky in the first place.

Thanks so much,

Sarah and Nick

Alumni Update: Sam

Dear Delaware Humane Association,

My name is Sam (aka Raven before I was adopted).  Since joining my forever home, it has been one adventure after another.  I start my day with a 45 minute walk along the Delaware River in Battery Park.  There are so many squirrels.  They love to run from me and I love to chase them.  

I get to spend my days in the house running up and down the stairs.  There are so many hiding spots for my bully sticks. They are everywhere.  Our home gets the morning sun and I get to sleep in front of the windows.

I’m great company for Ms. Julie.  She is a senior citizen pictured with me in the picture.  The wing back chair is a great spot to look out the window and watch the people and cars pass.  I’m quick to sneak a snack or two off the table when she is not looking, but I think she is on to me!

I’m very fortunate that her son walks with me, plays chase and tug of war with my toys.  They feed me well and I’ve doubled in size.  

Thank you for rescuing me and keeping me safe until I was adopted.  There is nothing better than a forever home.

Woof Woof,

Sam, as told to Fred W.

Serviam Girls Academy Students Spend MLK Day of Service at DHA

Students from Serviam Girls Academy and Principal Kate Lucyk spent their MLK Day of Service here at DHA. The students kept busy by raking leaves, cleaning crates, tackling our mountain of laundry, and cleaning out a storage shed. And of course, they took a tour of the shelter and met adoptable cats and dogs. We really appreciate all of their help, and everyone seemed to have a good time!

Thank you, Compassionate Care Hospice/St. Francis Hospital!

Compassionate Care Hospice and St. Francis Hospital's holiday donation to DHA

Some of DHA’s staff (front row) with Compassionate Care Hospice/St.Francis staff members (back row) and their holiday donation to DHA’s Santa Paws Workshop

Our friends from Compassionate Care Hospice/St. Francis Hospital visited the shelter on Christmas Eve and brought a donation to DHA’s Santa Paws Workshop. There was so much in their sleighs that a few DHA staff members pitched in to unload everything! Thank you all on behalf of the animals who are benefiting from your generosity this holiday season!